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Ask Elected Officials to Collaborate on a Participatory Budgeting Program

Participatory Budgeting programs are growing and spreading across U.S. communities – as “a different way to manage public money and engage people in government”.

The benefits are huge, and the Participatory Budgeting Project has resources and assistance ready to help any area design and start a PB project of their own.

Ask more U.S. elected officials to collaborate on a participatory budgeting program here on AskThem, and we’ll help deliver your question to government for an official public response. It’s free, non-profit, and open to everyone.

Enter your street address below, and you’ll see your federal, state, and city elected officials (covering most major cities, using best data available). If you simply enter a five-digit ZIP code, you’ll see fewer elected officials. Click on one of them, and you’ll see the PB question already loaded to ask them:

Feel free to edit the question title and body as you like – add your personal story about why you’d like to see a healthy PB deliberation in your community.

Questions & feedback welcome, this is just a start – contact the PB Project, or PPF, makers of the non-profit These free & open-source question-asking widgets were supported by a Prototype Fund grant from the Knight Foundation – build your own widget, it’s open to remix and customize. Email us for more info, david at ppolitics doot orrrrg.